26 October 2012

WA's Mid West to host new solar-thermal power project

WA's Mid West to host new solar-thermal power project


Things are beginning to happen out West, finally. Unfortunately this is again just a supplementary installation, there is no real attempt to finally get away from fossil fuels and their dedicated role of being the main supplier of stationary energy.
This project has only been granted - as I believe - because it is located on the fringe of the SWIS, the power grid in the South West of WA, where the reach of the "central" coal power production is weakening.

Nevertheless, this comparatively small 1.5 megawatt grid-connected concentrated thermal power station near Morawa is a great move and it can only be hoped that we will see many more of these distributed across the country. Decentralising power generation addresses power distribution loss as a side effect, and should something happen on the technical side shutting down one plant, neighbouring plants can better chip in.

Please visit the Science Network WA to read the full article!

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