05 November 2012

Sydney launches $4.3M project to boost renewable energy – News Watch

A new article on National Geographic about renewable energy

Have you ever heard of the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group?
I don't know, but some fantastic initiatives never make it into the mainstream news. Is it because blood and gore and guts sell better than good news?
In this case it is about a project undertaken to combat pollution and energy cost. It will allow the people in the city to breathe lighter and allow the city to spend money on more productive things than fuel.
The project economics are compelling, thanks to steep reductions in the cost of solar panels and favorable pricing on any surplus power they produce. As a result, the City was able to contract nearly twice the amount of solar PV for less than half the cost than originally envisaged in 2010.
Read more about this initiative on National Geographic's website.
To read the full press release about the project launch, click here.

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