22 October 2012

Germany's Renewable Energy Transition

Why a fully renewable energy system is ‘climate-friendly, reliable and affordable’

Green Chip Stocks summarise on their blog a number of arguments why the transition to 100% renewable energy makes sense. They also list a few quotes from high ranking officials of very large energy corporations, with a view on nuclear energy, e.g.:
Jeff Immelt, Chief Executive of GE – one of the world’s largest suppliers of nuclear power equipment – stated that nuclear power has become “really hard” to justify in comparison to other energy generation options.
On monetary aspects we can find a statement made by the very conservative, and traditionally fossil fuel minded International Energy Agency, who have ...:
... said that every dollar invested now in clean energy will save $3 in fossil fuel costs in the future.
 And then there are the operators of power grids who usually claim that renewable energy sources, due to their intermittent nature, would be destabilising the power grids and therefore could never deliver 100% of the power demand:
When wind turbines and solar plants are geographically widespread, to the extent that Germany’s transition entails, their output becomes far more constant and even easier for the grid to accommodate.
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