14 February 2013

Liberals to break up DEC if elected - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Break them up, send them away, make them ineffective ...

... so that the path to even more mining gets less and less obstructed by those at DEC who are nothing but an administrative pain in the neck!
Or so the Liberals' motivation seems to be. Why not send the Department of Mining and Petroleum in the country, to where the mining is?
Make them live and work right in the middle of the proposed fracking fields?

Do they really believe that one can eat money?

02 February 2013

On its way from Australia - even worse carbon emissions

The world's second largest contributor of new CO2 emissions from fossil fuels if fully realised

It is hard to believe but reality everyday: The more evidence we have that alternative energy production becomes cheaper and more and more available, the more conventional, fossil fuel production get pushed by politicians and, of course, conventional corporations.
Queensland and New South Wales have endured the sixth once-in-a-hundred-years event in 10 years in the from of floods, fires, storms and droughts. Yet the corresponding state premiers cut back on renewable energy incentives, undo projects and prefer to pay for damage done by these catastrophes over investing in preventive measures.
The NSW bill last year was around $800 million for damage on public property alone, preventive measures were paid for in the order of merely $8.4 million, of which most was research.
One can only hope that if Canberra moves to protect Great Barrier Reef heritage status this would put a decisive stop to expansions in this respect.

Unfortunately I doubt it.
Maybe the campaign behind the following would work?