10 September 2012

WA can power world electricity 50 times over, if only for infrastructure

Got some spare poles and wires - anyone?

 Image: Worklife Siemens

The amount of electricity hypothetically produced from all suitable areas, is 908,000 TW h/year while the total global electricity consumption in 2008 was 18,000 TW h/year.

Study author and Stockholm University's Lucas Dawson consulted 10 key stakeholders; the Western Australian Office of Energy, Horizon Power, BHP Billiton, Worley Parsons, Lycopodium Minerals, Australian Venture Consultants, Midwest Energy, Bright Generation, WA Sustainable Energy Association and Sustainable Energy Now.

Stakeholders were asked to rank criteria important to parabolic trough technology including; land availability and incline, access to electricity infrastructure, auxiliary fuel supply, load, water supply, weather and solar radiation supply.

Availability of solar resource, access to water and proximity to roads, load and auxiliary fuels were highly ranked.
Read the complete article on Science WA

Doesn't look like anyone sincerely interested in installing the necessary infrastructure, it is oh so much easier to keep the status quo.

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