20 September 2012

REN21 - Renewables Global Status Report

Help us spread the word!

That at least is the message from REN21, the publisher of this amazing piece of work.
On over 170 pages it touches on all relevant areas in the distribution and installation of Renewable Energy in the world.
Very nice too is the interactive map which gives one-click-access to all Policies, Targets, Shares, Installed capacity, Energy production, RE Economy for every country.
Very nice.

Here's a snippet from their website:

The 2012 edition of REN21's Renewables Global Status Report (GSR) was launched on 11 June together with its sister publication UNEP’s Global Trends in Renewable Energy Investment (GTR).
The findings in the 2012 GSR speak to the cumulating effect of steady growth in renewable energy markets, support policies and investment over the past years. In 2011,
Renewable sources supplied 16.7 % of global final energy consumption where the share of modern renewables increased while the share of traditional biomass slightly decline
118 countries implemented RE targets with more than half in developing countries
Investment in renewables increased 17% to a record $257 billion, despite a widening sovereign debt crisis in Europe and rapidly falling prices for renewable power equipment,
Photovoltaic module prices dropped by 50% and onshore wind turbines by close to 10% bringing to price of the leading renewable power technologies closer to grid parity with fossil fuels such as coal and gas.
These are just a few of the trends found in the GSR 2012 that illustrate the significant and rapidly growing share of renewables in energy markets, industrial policy and investments, moving renewable beyond “niche” status.
The 2012 GSR places a special focus on rural renewable energy by highlighting the main trends in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The perspectives provided in the GSR are further detailed in the REN21 Renewables Interactive Map, where country specific renewable energy developments are highlighted.
So, please help spread the word, don't believe the words of Liberal politicians, Republicans and other arch-conservative climate-change-deniers and fossil fuel lobbyists stating that renewables are too expensive, don't cut the mustard, or whatever they bring forward to protect not the climate but their pockets.

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