31 July 2012

US: 200,000 GW of solar could be installed; 4,000 TWh/a

US: 200,000 GW of solar could be installed; 4,000 TWh/a:
According to a new study released by NREL, the technical potential of photovoltaics and concentrating solar power (CSP) in the U.S. amounts to just under 200,000 GW, which could generate around 399,700 TWh of energy annually.
This is huge! I can't wait to see proper action arising from this as it most likely would see those states following that always follow and/or don't have the guts to lead themselves.
But then again there are those vested interests from the gas fracking league and Tea Party people (same in Australia under different names IMHO) who will find all kinds of excuses to not engage on the sustainable path. Well, even they will (sometimes) learn as was published only recently when a climate change denier made a remarkable and complete U-turn.
The report btw makes for easy and quick reading, straight to the point and heaps of graphs and tables.

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