12 June 2012

IEA: we’re on track for 6 degree warming | Climate Spectator

IEA: We're on track for 6 degree warming 

You can’t get much starker a statement than the one from International Energy Agency head Maria van der Hoeven, in relation to the latest edition of the IEA’s Energy Technology Perspectives publication:
"Let me be straight. Our ongoing failure to realise the full potential of clean energy technology is alarming.
"Continued heavy reliance on a narrow set of technologies and fossil fuels is a significant threat to energy security, stable economic growth and global welfare, as well as to the environment."

Yes, she mentions it to be a threat to energy security (among other aspects)!
This clearly says that drilling for oil and digging up coal for the sake of "ensuring energy supplies" is actually threatening energy security.
A stark word from a very conservative agency, which the IEA is.

The article continues:
... "the particular highlight, or to be more precise, lowlight, of this report is that if governments don’t do something urgently to wean ourselves off fossil-fuels, we’ll most likely end up with global temperature rise of six degrees Celsius.

"According to a 2010 paper by Sherwood and Huber, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, such a temperature rise would mean significant parts of the globe would be so hot and importantly humid, that it would be beyond humans to successfully adapt."...

Well we (mankind) still can avoid catastrophic climate change if we are willing to cough up a few trillion $, but that has to occur quickly. We still would benefit financially even with a savings figure of $3 to $1 invested.

I just can't see those conservative money-driven countries to go down that path in a hurry.

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