11 June 2012

Good on you, Wincen Cuy, Mayor of Broken Hill, for having a vision that's worth it!

Solar project to boost far west economy - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
While "far west economy" is a relative term - we're talking NSW and not all of Australia here after all - it is still a great effort other local or state governments could take a lesson from.

"An estimated 450 construction jobs are to be created when two large-scale solar farms are built at Broken Hill and Nyngan, starting in 2014.
"What a great synergy that AGL is also undertaking the wind farm here as well so we now have the mining sector starting to take some strong holds, we also now have this new renewable energy.
Broken Hill has been famed for the resources its been able to produce over the last 130 odd years, now we can become the renewable energy capital of Australia."
Read the lot on ABC

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