09 July 2015

75% of Perth homes could have solar by 2035: IMO | Business Spectator

75% of Perth homes could have solar by 2035: IMO | Climate Spectator:
"Western Australia's energy market operator has forecast that, under a high-case scenario, there could be much as three out of four homes with solar power in Perth by 2035 with saturation of the business market of 90%, The West Australian reports. According to the newspaper, the Independent Market Operator report found under a mid-case scenario the South West grid's solar capacity could rise from 435MW in 2014-15 to 1405MW by 2024-25, with it reaching 2400MW under the high-case scenario. The IMO also said home battery installations could be financially viable by next year with thousands taking up the systems by 2020. It forecasts a take-up of 16,000 systems by 2025 in its mid-case scenario and 26,000 under the high-case predictions."

The people in parliament better listen to what's going on!
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