05 August 2014

Worse news for Australia as India taps solar, Beijing bans coal : Renew Economy

China is moving ahead on plans to address its pollution problem by phasing out coal.

In Delhi last week, the Indian government committed to a plan to provide low-cost loans and grants to set up some of the world’s largest solar PV parks across the country, each of them comprising as much as 20 gigawatts of capacity, about 10 times what India has built to date.
According to official Chinese government statistics, coal use accounted for 25.4 per cent of the capital’s energy consumption in 2012 – a figure that is expected to shrink to less than 10 per cent by 2017.
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When will Abbott & Co realise that they have backed the wrong contender and break with King Coal in Australia? If they want to keep in government they need to soon!

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