08 January 2013

STUDY: Renewables Can Supply 99.9% Power by 2030

STUDY: Renewables Can Supply 99.9% Power by 2030 - Solar Feeds

“Aiming for 90 percent or more renewable energy in 2030, in order to achieve climate change targets of 80 to 90 percent reduction of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide from the power sector, leads to economic savings,” said authors of the study.

How so? Just read the article published recently on Solar Feeds.
It only will not happen, as corporations of opposing interest are way too strong for a fledgling industry trying to kill the establishment. And eating their own lunch? Does anyone seriously believe that Chevron, Shell, Exxon etc would voluntarily transform their own business of printing money?

I don't.

The same thing goes for Australia where king coal is at the helm of energy politics. Beyond zero emissions have costet this scenario earlier for Australia.
If only the people weren't so phlegmatic in decisive numbers, they could at least try and influence at the course at the ballot box, but no ...

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